rc_logo (1)McKinley’s Morning Running Club is raising money through Go Fund Me for a new system that will allow us to make our club more efficient for volunteer parents, teachers, and students. This new system will motivate students to engage in physical activity, getting them ready for the start of the school day!

The system we would like to purchase is called Lap Tracker and is offered by a company based in San Diego. Once we have this system in place students will be able to run with their own ID card, and an adult will use a scanner to register each lap. The scanner then uploads the information for each student into a secure database. The information can then be reported showing mileage and times. This information will also help us in awarding incentive prizes and recognize top performers!

The total cost of the Lap Tracker for 600 students is $999.73. Below is the breakdown:
Lap Tracker 12 months Subscription, Software, Service & Support $795.00
2 Handheld Scanners $95.00 x 2= $190.00

Any donations will be greatly appreciated in helping our students start the day with some exercise. Please help us spread the word with friends and family so we can reach our goal of $1000. Thank you!

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