IMG_1564Dear McKinley Families and Community Members,

I’ve just received an update on our Joint Use Park and wanted to pass this information on to you.

We’ve all eagerly awaited the opening of our new Joint Use Park. Although we anticipated it would be open to our community this summer, it appears potential soil problems with the field are causing the turf not to thrive adequately. Our district and city are currently investigating the reasons for this problem. Once determined, I’ll provide an update on how the problem will be rectified.

-Deb Ganderton, Principal

2 thoughts on “Update from Principal Ganderton: Joint Use Park

  1. That’s unfortunate but not expected. Knowing how the City of SD operates, I’ll be surprised if the kids get to use it before Christmas.

  2. Considering how long it took to build it in the first place, logic would lead us to think that soil assays and amendments could have been addressed during that time. Last summer it sat fallow the entire time school was out of session.

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