We contacted the district as soon as we were made aware of this concern and submitted a written request to have our water tested.

District sent this response to sites yesterday which reads:

For inquiries regarding information about lead testing in drinking water at SDUSD, here is a link to the District Safety Management Webpage.

Deb Ganderton, Principal

3 thoughts on “Drinking Water Sampling

  1. Thanks for this note, Principal Ganderton.

    I find it shocking that water testing at schools is voluntary, and that it takes 3 months to get someone out to test it. Please let us know what your over the counter tester’s results are. I’m still hearing of kids drinking from the water fountains and just want to make sure it lead free and safe.
    Thanks again, Munish Asnani

    “Under the new requirement, testing is voluntary for schools, but if the schools make a written request, the community water systems must collect the samples within three months”

  2. Thanks Deb for requesting have our water tested. I look forward to hearing hopefully positive results.

  3. From our awesome principal:

    We tested the water this morning and I’ve attached a photo of the results. Both lead and pesticides came up below 1 which indicates negative results.
    My photo isn’t lined up as it should be – the arrow I drew was supposed to be pointing to the 1 and it’s a bit to the right of where it should be.
    As I shared, we submitted our request for SDUSD testing. They are currently in the process of generating a district-wide response and plan. In the interim, I feel much better knowing the results from the test we ordered showed no need for alarm.
    Again, thanks so much for bringing this to me. Although I “tweet” for school, I’m not on other social media sites and have to rely on parents to bring concerns to me and provide me with an opportunity to respond. You did that and I am most appreciative.
    Call or email if you’ve got any more questions. When we receive an update from the district, I’ll post that on the website as well.

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