IMG_1150.JPGCongratulations to our McKinley students who were featured at the San Diego State University College of Education Art Competition & Exhibition!

We are so proud of the talent and creativity in our students, and special thanks to Ashley Bruce and the parent volunteers of the CRAVE Art Program, along with the support from Mckinley Elementary Teachers for inspiring and encouraging the students to express themselves in such beautiful ways.

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Featured 3rd Grade Artists:

Izzy Villanueva, Ava Gallo, Ashley Schoenfield, Grace Jensen, Magnolia Wilke, Alexander Prieto-Matias, Milena Trevino, Jude Hutchinson, Juliet Law, Anna Talley, Lily Wessman, Adelin Chance, Evie Mowat Winston Conlee, Naiya Arguelles, Yetzira Frias Herrera, Leena Soltero, Alexander Hartman, Madeline Henneforth

Competition Finalists:

Magnolia Wilke, Milena Trevino, Adelin Chance, Yetzira Herrera, Madeline Henneforth, Alexander Hartman, Naiya Arguelles, Grace Jensen, Ava Gallo

2nd Place Winner!:

Anna Talley


Amazing work, students!  Next year, art projects will be submitted from more grade levels. Stay tuned for more details about the end-of-year McKinley Student Art Show!

One thought on “Congratulations to McKinley Artists Featured in SDSU Art Competition and Exhibition!

  1. Yay! Look at all the photos! You guys are so great. Thank you for putting up all of these photos and celebrating these kiddos! It’s all so exciting.

    And yes, McKinley’s 1st Annual CRAVE Art Show is quickly approaching! Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 4th!!!! More info will come out in the next few day!!!!!!!!! We can’t wait to showcase all our different art from grades Preschool-5th at this years CRAVE Art Show!

    ALL AGES are welcome and encouraged to attend!

    PS. CRAVE = Creative Arts Volunteer Enrichment! We couldn’t do this without all of our volunteers! Thank you all so much!

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