Joint-Use Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Monday, May 9, 8am-8:30am!

Did you know there is going to be a park on the McKinley campus that is open to the public outside of school hours? Joint Use means it will be used by both the school and the community. For our students, it means we’ll have grass and trees on our playground, and you can come use it on the weekend! We are so excited!

You are ALL invited to the groundbreaking ceremony before school on Monday, May 9th, starting at 8am. Afterwards, kids will go into their classrooms with their teachers.

If you are interested in what the new park will look like, click through to see the plan: Joint Use Plan

Stay tuned for news on the next campus beautification Green Day, May 14.

Thank you to the many parents, staff and community members who have worked on this over the years. This is a huge achievement.





  1. We’re thrilled! Will there be play structures for children to use outside of school hours? I don’t see that in the plan.

    1. Yes, the “blue bar” play structure, wall bars and basketball hoops will be part of the shared park site.

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