stock-illustration-5380728-rooster-crowing-at-dawnHello Families –
We would like to clarify the morning bell times.

8:20am Short bell rings – line up begins
8:25am Bell rings – all students should be lined up
8:30am Bell rings – all students should be at their desks

Sorry for any confusion.  All students should be at school and lined up by 8:25am in order to avoid tardy slips.

Thank you!  The McKinley PTC

5 thoughts on “Morning Bell Times

  1. With all due respect, the official “bell time” according to the McKinley website is 830 am. When we were asked by the previous principal about changing start times, 830 am was the time suggested.

    Does the district sanction giving tardy slips to students who are in class and ready to learn by 830?

  2. I second Drew on this. The information I received this morning when dropping my kids off was very confusing and rather frustrating. I thought I had them there on time to find out they weren’t really on time.

  3. Dear Families,
    Students who are in class by 8:30 are not tardy.
    I apologize for any confusion. As stated, students should be lined up by 8:25. By 8:30, students should be seated in class.
    Each year, public schools submit instructional minutes to both the district and the California Department of Education. McKinley’s instructional minutes reflect a start time of 8:30 each weekday morning.
    Students arriving in class after 8:30 will be required to go to the office for a tardy slip.
    The District supports the timely arrival of students to school each day.
    Your support as parents to ensure students arrive to school on time is truly appreciated by all involved.
    Deb Ganderton
    McKinley Principal

    1. Ms. Ganderton I suggest that if you want the students in their classes at 8:30 you leave the gates open so they can do so. Since school BEGINS when the 8:30 bell rings NO tardys should be given prior to that. Sending students to the office for a tardy slip prior to 8:30 is absurd. I understand if you want to shut the gates but please wait until the 8:30 (not 8:25) bell rings cause all you are doing at this point is causing more students to be late and frustrating parents. We all want to send the right message to our children about being on time for school but we need to do so in a positive and effective manner.

  4. I need to step up when I mess up. One morning last week, I did inadvertently close the gate early at 8:25 (in lieu of 8:30). My apologies. Won’t happen again.

    On a more positive note… in a three week period, we’ve reduced the number of tardies from 77 to 14. I’m hopeful we can focus on those great gains and will soon celebrate a day with zero tardies! (And then, off to the store I go to purchase ice cream for each and every McKinley kid!)

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