Free Tickets to Aztecs football game on November 14th (limited number of tickets available)

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AztecsAny families who would like to attend the Aztecs football game on November 14th let Ms. Tennies know! She will be receiving 100 tickets to be handed out on a first come first served basis. Game time is 7:30pm, they will be playing Wyoming & its also homecoming.

This is their annual ‘go to college night’ where local elementary schools are invited to get a taste of the college athletic experience. Many booths & rides are set up in Aztec Village for the kids to enjoy before game time. If you are interested in tickets have your child bring an envelope with your name & how many tickets you want to Ms. Tennies (P.E. Teacher) in the next few weeks. As soon as she gets the vouchers she will send them home with your child. The vouchers will need to be redeemed for tickets as the Aztecs box office at Qualcomm Stadium. You do not need to do that in advance but if you have a big group & want tickets together (or better seats) you will want to get there before game day.

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