12074643_892457047458598_3001245014599861790_nMcKinley parents, if your employer sponsors community events we would like to get in touch with them. Business partner sponsorships start at $1000.

Please contact Jen Ohman (jenohman13 @ gmail.com) for details and a sponsorship packet, or to connect us with a contact at your place of business!

And don’t forget to join the SoNo Facebook Event Page!

The Sono Fest & Chili Cook-off is presented by the McKinley Elementary School PTC (Parent Teacher Club) and the San Diego Ceramic Connection (SDCC) every year on the first Sunday of December. This event brings together McKinley families, ceramic makers, stellar San Diego Chefs, clever craftersbeer brewers and lovers, local band groupies, the coolest neighbors in town, and chili enthusiasts!  The fine folks at SDCC contribute months of hard work shaping bowls for attendees to fill with delicious and unique chilis served up by generous neighborhood restaurants. Although we may pull it off like the pros, this event is 100% planned and operated by McKinley parent volunteers!

Funds raised by the sale of chili bowls, our vendors and donations made by our incredible sponsors will all contribute to the art, music and language programs (and beyond!)  at McKinley Elementary School. We rely on the success of this grand event to support these classes for our kids. So go tell your friends, your neighbors, and your friends’ neighbors… hey, it’s for the kids!