IMG_0662As I write this, I have a great big grin on my face because I am so very happy to be at McKinley! I was hopeful my next assignment would allow me to serve at a site where the community is connected to the school and the school is connected to the community. McKinley exemplifies this in so many ways and I am honored to have been selected as your next principal.

I have been fortunate to work across a wide range of educational settings – from the American School in London to the migrant camps and inner-city schools of Miami. I have a Masters in Counseling and another in Administration and have previously served as principal at four schools.   I believe I have the best job in the world. (There was an octopus expert on NPR this past week that claims he has the best job, but I beg to differ. Eight arms and ink is nothing compared to the opportunity to work with great grownups and, most importantly, a campus full of kids.)

Although I’ve lived in different corners of our country and overseas as well, I call San Diego home. My family is here and this city has so much to offer. I am where I belong.

I look forward to meeting each and every family during the next few weeks.

Deb Ganderton