The annual free festival is a local tradition that features amazing local art, live music and dance performances, family-friendly activities, vendor booths, and delicious food. The hands-on Kids Art Block offers children the chance to participate in a variety of interactive activities designed to stimulate and inspire their imaginations and create their own masterpieces. The McKinley booth will give kids an opportunity to create their own tactile collage! It’s also a great spot to meet other families from the neighborhood, and chat about the amazing programs at McKinley Elementary!

We need Volunteers Saturday May, 16th! SIGN UP HERE
Volunteers will be doing an assortment of little and large tasks at the McKinley booth. Hopefully, everyone volunteering will get a chance to also see the event in its entirety and have a wonderful day.
This year, kids will assemble collage boards that combine materials such as wood, fabric, magazines, beads, stones, tiles, and construction paper. There will also be an array of painting tools such as brushes, paint, and markers. If there are any other items out there that people can provide, it’s more than welcome.
There will be a “kit” and tote bag to give to each child that contains the basics: a hardwood mounting board (masonite), a few small colored tiles, pre-cut bass wood, some fabric and ribbon. In addition, there will be pre-cut twine and eye hooks for mounting to the backside of the finished work at the end.
During the event, we need volunteers to assist the kids with the materials and keeping brushes and other supplies clean.
The morning tasks will involved setting up the booth, work tables, material boxes, and totes.  Parent volunteers will be helping with the art work for most of the day. The end of the day will involve clean-up and moving out of the festival venue. SIGN UP HERE
Besides helping the kids, a good portion of the time is also just hanging out and chatting with the parents of the kids. Younger kids may have parents who are interested in enrolling students at McKinley – so it’s an advantage to have some thoughts regarding the school in mind. Be prepared to get a few questions about the school and the teachers!
Please use this sign up sheet if you are able to help, and contact Will Dumka, project coordinator, at if you have any questions!