1560524_620192491424084_9158262456147699289_nThis week at Mckinley is Happiness Week! 

There are many ways that your child and you can participate. A McKinley parent, Laura Carr, is helping to spread the word and has given us the information below:

“The United Nations has declared Friday, March 20th International Day of Happiness.  A company called Live Happy has generated the #happyacts challenge and will donate $1 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters for every person who accepts this challenge.  You must go to the website to sign up. www.happyacts.org.  There is also a 24 hour podcasts streaming talks on Happiness from March 19th at 8pm to March 20th at 8pm.  There are Happiness walls sponsored all over the country.  My agency – First Avenue Counseling Centre is sponsoring a Happiness Wall in Balboa park on Friday.  This gives an idea for creating walls… http://www.happyacts.org/celebrate/#create There is also a Facebook page.

 Each teacher/classroom is going to create a “Happiness Wall” and each day the kids will add their “acts of happiness.”  The teacher will randomly choose 2 kids each day and there will be a small token prize.  Teachers can integrate IB principals with this and can initiate discussion about happiness.  What does it mean?  How do we create it?  How do we nurture it?  How do different cultures express happiness?  and so forth….

 On Friday, we have a playlist that the Mrs. Z is going to play during recess (maybe lunch).

 There is also a Happiness wall in the main office (by the girl’s bathroom) that staff and parents can write on.  I will have stickies in the office for parents/staff to contribute.  I will also pick a few name during the week for a teacher to win a token prize.

 During recess me (or someone) will take video from the top of the stairs.   And I will take pictures of each classes happiness wall.  Also, I’d love to play the “Happy” song and do some videoing of each classroom dancing – I got this idea from youtube.

 Any parents are welcome to contribute ideas.  I would welcome any support!”


Laura Carr