Want to Bid on a Special Day for Your Child With His or Her Favorite Teacher?

  • An afternoon at Build-A-Bear and ice cream with Ms. Appleby and Ms. Davis   (2 -3 kids)
  • A Padres Game with Mr. Kenyon on May 19th (2 kids)
  • A day at the Zoo with Mrs. Z (2 kids)
  • Laser Tag with Ms. Phillips and Ms. Honma (4 students)
  • A Padres Game with Ms. Cheeseman on May 19th (2 kids)
  • Taking your friend with you to the County Fair with Ms. Gentle? (1 child wins and gets to take a friend)
  • Going to have some frozen yogurt with Ms. Ashton-Gray (2 kids)
  • A bike ride on the beach boardwalk  with Ms. Zavala (2 kids)
  • Or…. A day at the Zoo with Ms. Mellos (2 kids)

If you are NOT able to attend Casino Night, but would still like to bid please fill out this form.  Turn it into the office by Friday, April 19th by noon (in the drop box).  We’ll start all the auctions at $30 and use the highest bid we receive on Friday as our starting bid for the silent auction at Casino Night.  Make sure your bid is high enough or you may get outbid by those attending Casino Night!