Wednesday, November 14th 4pm-8pm

McKinley Elementary’s very own Shop Night is coming up and we need help! 

This year our Shop Night is at our local Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. It is located at 3231 University Avenue, just east of 30th St.  We need volunteers to greet customers, collect receipts and help bag groceries.  It is important that we have at least 5 adult volunteers present during the entire Shop Night so that we may collect our 5% donation. Fresh & Easy is donating 5% of their total sales from their North Park store from 4pm to 8pm. On top of that, we earn an additional $1 for every $20 spent when we collect the receipts at the door. We collected approx. $1,500 from our Shop Night last year and I know we can do even better this year with your help! Also, please urge your friends and family to shop during McKinley’s Shop Night. It happens to fall on a great day! Wednesday, Nov. 14th is the Wednesday after a 3 day weekend ( Veteran’s Day) and it is the week before Thanksgiving week. Last year many shoppers stocked up on Thanksgiving foods as well as donating goods for our McKinley Thanksgiving Food Drive. Shop because it benefits McKinley’s art, music and Spanish programs.

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to sign up. 

Remember we are still collecting all Fresh & Easy receipts until Dec.31, 2012.

Thank you for your help!

Amy Victor

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Victor at