Our school will be receiving a fresh coat of paint. Hooray! Let us know your favorite by emailing your choice to Janine Whitaker at jr@whitakerinc.net by tomorrow, Monday, August 23rd by 6pm.

Here’s a few notes from Janine about the options:

Doors:  A deep blue consistent in all three color options.

Trim:  Color to match the existing 2-story building.  This is our “tie-in” with the existing color that we are not changing and is a fantastic pop against our body colors.

Body:  Option #1 all three bungalows and the auditorium are painted the same color with a darker accent color.

Options #2 & #3 all three bungalows are painted one of the three colors with matching trim ”white” and the auditorium is painted a different color on each of it’s “volumes” again with “white” trim.

Once again, vote for either option 1, 2 or 3, and email jr@whitakerinc.net. Thanks!