These 5 graders were awesome!  I think they are now qualified to get summer jobs at Cold Stone!   

Special thanks to Leslie Shimazaki for getting the napkins, cups, straws and that never ending supply of ice cream! Thanks to Charlie, too! You were great on the root beer!   Thank you to Jessica and her grandma, these girls rock!  They win the speediest duo prize!  Thank you Mark our super scooper and thanks Mary!  Thank you Isabella for being so fast and special thanks Lorena for taking care of all of our sticky recyclables and cleaning.  Thank you to Kenna for passing out napkins and for periodically singing our Cold Stone inspired chant (donations accepted). Thanks to her folks Irma and Dad Shawn for helping clean and put away tables.  Thanks to Dave for keeping our stations stocked. Thanks Davy, you didn’t spill a drop! 

You all worked together so well. I saw kids switching jobs midway then deciding they did better at their original job and switching back. They knew what their strengths were and went with it.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Thanks for everything. I know you did a lot more than I mentioned above! 

And finally, due to your amazing work tonight, our 5th graders received $332.15 in donations!!!  I am still in shock!  Thanks again!  We couldn’t have done it without YOU.    Nancy