So, you want to be involved here at McKinley? Great!  Now the nitty, gritty details…The San Diego Unified School District created categories of volunteers and screening measures. Here you can find detailed information on the  Administrative Procedure  for School Volunteer Programs.

For any additional information please visit  SDUSD Volunteer Program Guidelines web page.

Most of our parents will fall into Category B or C:

Category B volunteers are people who might work in the office and have very little exposure to students, or people who volunteer for a specific event, such as the Carnival or Variety Show.  These volunteers have little to no direct contact with students, and are never unsupervised in their interactions with students.  These volunteers must be checked against the California Department of Justice, Sexual Offender (Megan’s Law) website.

Category C volunteers are people such as Room Parents, volunteers who work with children in the classroom (reading groups, tutoring, etc.), and parents who plan to accompany children on field trips.  While these volunteers still will not have unsupervised contact with children, their exposure to students is more extensive than Category B.  These volunteers must submit to a criminal background check conducted by SDUSD School Police Services.

To get started please provide the following  to the McKinley Main Office:

NOTE: Even if you have a Volunteer Application on file, you need to fill out a new application so you can be processed under the new screening requirements.  The new policy is that volunteers will need to apply annually.

NOTE: You must be sponsored by a district employee.  In the case of Room Parents, this will be the teacher for whom you are Room Parenting.  For volunteers helping in the office, this will be one of the office staff.  The sponsor needs to be indicated on the volunteer application.

  • TB screen test

NOTE: TB test results are good for 4 years.  So even though you have to fill out a new application, you do not need to be retested if you currently have TB clearance on file. Please Inquire with the office for your TB test status.

  • Identification Card (Drivers License, Passport etc.)
  • Criminal Background Check for Category C Volunteers

NOTE: criminal background check conducted by SDUSD School
Police Services to determine whether the applicant is precluded from
volunteering as specified in California Education Code section 35021 et seq.
In rare cases, depending upon information returned, volunteer applicants
may require fingerprinting.More information will be given to you should this situation arise.

Once you are cleared to volunteer, please make sure that you sign in on the sheet in the office and wear a volunteer badge each time visiting McKinley.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact the office and speak to our volunteer coordinator, Nicole Stephens.

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