All performers are expected to practice at home for the group numbers as well as your individual acts. Here are some resources:


  • Rehearsals of the TWO big numbers with all participating and registered students will be Mondays and Wednesdays 3:45 – 4:45 pm; the class of 2020 (aka 5th graders) will be needed for a bit extra time. Not all students will be scheduled for each rehearsal. Please review the Variety Show Calendar for more details.
  • For individual acts, students are expected to practice outside of the school group rehearsals. Parents’ support is much appreciated.


  • Dress Rehearsal for Act 1 – Wednesday, March 4th, 3:45-5:45 PM, McKinley auditorium
  • Dress Rehearsal for Act 2 – Monday, March 2nd, 3:45-5:45 PM, McKinley auditorium
  • Assistant Stage Manager & Sound Tech Managers need to be at both dress rehearsals.
  • Kids will perform their individual acts wearing their costumes, using props and wearing makeup (if applicable). Please make sure all items are appropriate for a school show.
  • Kids listed in Act 2- Ob la di Ob la da, are welcome to wear something special. See Act 2 PDF for more info on this.
  • Kids will NOT perform the two big group numbers (We Can Work It Out & Finale: A Beatles Medley). These two numbers will be performed only at Lincoln HS Auditorium.
  • Merrilee Willoughby, a McKinley parent and awesome photographer, will be taking pictures of the performers right after their act. Thank you Merrilee!
  • Parent volunteers will be available to help kids with their costumes, if they need it. Please sign up to help!
  • Once students finish their performance they can be dismissed if there is a parent/guardian present to get them. As always, we will notify Ms. Adriana Casas and Mr. Alex Bell to coordinate the pick-up/drop-off of our performers in Prime Time and Character Builders. For those performances towards the end of dress rehearsal, we kindly ask you to be patient. Parents consider bringing some simple card games for your kids to play inside of the auditorium and snacks to eat outside of the auditorium.
  • Music must be finalized–no more changes. (If you haven’t sent your music, please send it ASAP. I need to create the playlists this weekend.  If you need help editing your music, please send an email ASAP with the following info: (1) link of music and (2) exact second you want the music to start and end. Remember, solo acts are 1 MINUTE, group acts about 2 MINUTES.


  • Please try and choose something unique and different; poetry readings, comedy, magic tricks, story-telling, instrumental pieces, multi-cultural dances, etc.
  • All performances, lyrics, dance movements, language, and costumes MUST BE elementary school appropriate and respectful. Remember to check out KidzBop for some family- friendly alternatives.
  • Acts will be accepted on a first-come basis. There will be no repetition of songs so we may work with kids to combine acts.
  • The following songs will be used for our two big group numbers so they will not be allowed for any individual acts: Imagine, Give Peace a Chance, We Can Work It Out, Yellow Submarine, I’ve Just Seen a Face, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Come Together, and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.
  • Please note that if students do not finalize their acts, they will be part of the big group numbers only.
  • There are time limits: solo acts are 1 MINUTE, group acts about 2 MINUTES. (Solo acts will be cut off at 1:10, and group acts of 2-3 people at 2:05, NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Day of Try-outs

Come PREPARED. If you are singing or dancing, please email us a digital version of your music. If you can’t, please bring a labeled CD to your try-out. Also, remember to bring any instruments, sheet music, props, etc that are part of your act. Remember all songs need to be karaoke style so we can hear the students’ voices!

Enjoy putting together your act, come prepared to your try-out and good luck!


MC try-outs will be after school on Thursday, January 16th in the Book Room. MC try-out times will be emailed by Sunday, January 12th. If you don’t hear from us, please contact Geysil Arroyo.

Please come prepared to “perform” the MC script and sing a part of “We Can Work It Out” from The Beatles. Go to the McKinley PTC website to access these MC materials.