JungleBookLogoThis year McKinley Theater Group will present a musical performance of The Jungle Book.  Free performances will be held in the auditorium December 19-20th, 2013.


Please complete the audition sign up form and return to front office by Oct. 16th.  Download the audition lines and/or the Jungle Choir Audition Song in preparation for the auditions which will be held on Oct. 24th & 25th in the school auditorium.


Students, parents, teachers, staff and other interested parties are invited to participate.  If you would like to participate, volunteer, or contribute, please email Erin Nye.  See Jungle Book Volunteer page for open positions.


  • Bagheera:  Panther
  • Baloo:  Bear, Solo Song
  • Colonel Hathi:  Elephant, Song
  • Elephants:  Marching
  • Jungle Choir:  Songs
  • Kaa:  Snake, Solo
  • King Louie:  Orangutan, Solo
  • Monkeys:  Dancing
  • Mowgli:  Man Cub
  • Shere Kahn:  Tiger
  • Village Girl:  Song
  • Vultures:  Quartet Song
  • Stage Crew:  3rd – 5th grade minimum, 7 spots available (no audition required)

See The Jungle Book Calendar for rehearsal and meeting dates.

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