The Board of Directors has the authority to execute any policies it determines to be in the best interest of the organization within the parameters of the organization’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, or federal, state, and local law.

The Board of Directors reviews and approves the annual budget and reviews operations and activities regularly.


  • Create budget and oversee all financials
  • Make spending decisions within the parameters of the approved budget
  • Enter into contractual agreements, and sign checks
  • Facilitate Foundation & PTC meetings
  • Oversee and support PTC committees, events, fundraisers and other parent led activities
  • Maintain regular communications with principal, school administration, parents, teachers and community
  • Ensure administration matters are handled and up to date (i.e. insurance, banking, taxes)
  • Coordinate calendar of activities for the school year with school administration
  • Communicate stakeholder matters to Board members
  • Duties of Voting Member


  • Assumes the the duties of the President in the event of their absence
  • Assists and supports President
  • Duties of Voting Member


  • Process income and expenses (i.e deposits and payments)
  • Manage bank account
  • Reconcile QuickBooks software and provide updated profit and loss statements to foundation members prior to the next scheduled Foundation meeting
  • Work directly with accountant to file tax return and respond to any agency request
  • File California statement of information as required
  • Maintain and archive all financial documentation
  • Duties of Voting Member


  • Take, file, and post meeting minutes
  • Check and distribute mail on weekly basis
  • Keep record of all voting matters
  • Handle correspondence including confirmation of donations
  • Keep track of assets (i.e audiovisual equipment, grills, tents)
  • Manage bank account administration (i.e. removing and adding account users)
  • Duties of Voting Member


  • Represent general interest of McKinley stakeholders (parents, students, staff and school campus)
  • Attend member meetings and vote on matters presented to the Board
  • Communicate and contribute to discussion of matters presented to the Board
  • Research information for matters presented to the board as requested
  • Serve as liaisons for fundraising, communications, and community outreach activities
  • Perform duties as designated by the President


  • Onboard new President
  • Assist and advise new President as requested

3 thoughts on “McKinley Foundation

  1. Hello,

    My name is Dawn Dilley and my son will be starting McKinley this fall. I was reading over the descriptions of each of the roles in the PTC and Foundation and wondered what the difference was between the “Board”, the PTC meetings, and the Foundation meetings. They are referred to as separate entities, but I didn’t see a description of what the “Board” was. This is specifically referring to task #2 of the 5th Seat responsibilities.

    Thank you,
    Dawn Dilley

    1. Hi Dawn,

      So glad that you’ll be joining us this Fall! Thanks for the question. The “Board” refers to San Diego Unified School Board (See The Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is the body that organizes school events and fundraisers. The McKinley Foundation is the non-profit organization that funds the PTC activities and other school needs.

      Please feel free to attend our next PTC meeting on May 8th at 6:15pm, in the media center. I’d also like to extend an invitation to you to attend Open House on May 23rd or Casino Night this Saturday.

      Bridgette Tullis

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