Ms. Goldthwaite – 3rd Grade

Name: Christy Goldthwaite
Hometown: San Diego since March! (previously, Northern California)
Years teaching: 21 years full time (retired now but have been substitute teaching for the last 1-1/2 years)
Favorite activity/subject when you were a student in the grade currently teaching: Fine Arts (singing, theatre)
Favorite thing about San Diego: Balboa Park
Tell us about your family: Married, three children, 5 grandchildren, 2 pets
How do you nurture inquiry with your students? Through modeling, encouragement, praise, and smiles
Hobbies or how you like to spend free time? Running, biking, reading, being with my family
Why do you like working at McKinley? I enjoy the school environment, and the teachers are exceptional in their support of each other and their friendliness.
A word of advice/encouragement for students: You are an amazing person and capable student! Don’t be afraid to take the risk to explore and learn.

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