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Ms. Gentle – 2nd Grade


I am a graduate with honors from SDSU with a degree in Liberal Arts and have spent the last 4 years training and implementing science with the SDUSD science team.  I also have a minor in Family and Child Development.  I decided if I was going to teach children I must understand them and their stages of development to best meet their needs academically, physically and emotionally.  I also believe in Gardeners Theory of Multiple Intelligences and try to structure my lessons using a variety of modalities so that all children will have the best opportunity for success at school.

Although I am educated in the art of teaching children, I also have raised two handsome strong boys ( I am very proud of them) and understand the challenges and rewards of being a parent.

Prior to McKinley Elementary, I taught four years at John Marshall Elementary. two of those years were as a second grade teacher and two years in kindergarten; 80% of those children were refuges from Somalia.  Making a difference in this world is important to me. I have a love for all humanity and try to make the world a better place through positive encouragement, and kindness to all.

Things I love:
– Oatmeal cookies
– A hot cup of hazelnut brae coffee on my porch swing
– The arts
– Picnics in the park
– Traveling the world to experience history
– Science

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