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Ms. Honma – 4th Grade

Name:  Gina Honma   

Hometown:  Redwood City, CA

Years teaching:  27

Favorite activity/subject when you were a student in the grade currently teaching:  Math

Favorite thing about San Diego:  You can get to the beach, mountains, desert, big city all in a day!

Tell us about your family:  I’m married with no kids.  I am the youngest of 3 siblings.

How do you nurture inquiry with your students?  Encourage curiosity.  Model enthusiasm for the mysteries of the world.

Hobbies or how you like to spend free time?  Hiking, Camping, finding great restaurants/coffeehouses, traveling

Travel or experiences as an IB Teacher:  The best life lessons are outside of our home!  I’ve traveled through parts of Europe, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and visited many parts of Canada and Mexico.

Why did you choose to/like working at McKinley?  McKinley has always had a great sense of community.  I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of the finest teachers and administration as well as some of the most enthusiastic parents and students who want to see the best things happening right here at McKinley.

A word of advice/encouragement for students:  Do your best and always try to ENJOY the time!


I’m proud to be a long time member of the McKinley family (over 20 years!) and love hearing from the children from past years who come back with their stories of success. When I’m not helping to develop the souls and minds of McKinley students, I’m trying to get out to the mountains with a tent on my back or jumping onto a plane to see the wonders of our world.   Please feel free to contact me.

– Books!!!  Independent reading leveled books for 3rd graders.  (gift card for books!)
– Art Supplies including paint, quality paint brushes, water color sets, ink for block printing, mosaic tiles, markers
– Printer for digital photos
– Sturdy pencil sharpener for pencils of various sizes
– Misc. supplies – paper towels, baby wipes, extra pencils, erasers, poster boards

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