We moved to North Park in 2001. Our older children, Emily and Russell were attending San Diego High, and James was 4 years old. In our search for a kindergarten for James, we visited McKinley. It was such a friendly place, I wanted to work here! As it turned out, there was a position open for a first grade, I bid on the position, and the rest is history! James loved going to school here, and we were thrilled with each of his teachers. He is at Roosevelt this year, and we hope that he continues to the IB programme at San Diego High.

Meanwhile, I have taught kindergarten, first, third and now fifth grades at McKinley. We are involved with the North Park Little League, and can often be seen at the local dog park with our dog Jupe.  My daughter is now a teacher with the district also.

I have an Art degree from San Diego State, a Masters in Cross-Cultural Education, an Elementary Math Specialist certificate and I am a fellow of the San Diego Area Writing Project.

I love the direction that McKinley is going with the IB Primary Years Programme, and I feel that our school is getting better every year!

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