Mrs. Zdunich

Hi!  I’m Mrs. Z. and I love working at McKinley.  I love the IB program and think that it provides a unique and wonderful education allowing children to gain insight into the broader world around them.

I am a life long learner, and I aspire to create life long learners in my classroom.  I want my students to leave me with a desire to learn, a respect for all people, and appreciation for the differences they see between and amongst one another.  I want my students to feel that they can accomplish most anything if they set their minds to it.

I love the Arts.  I have been singing, dancing, and playing piano since I was 5.   I try and expose my students to as much art as I can while relating it to all the other content areas we study.

I also work on the Student Council.  I love working with former students in this aspect.  I think it is important for all children to have an opportunity to see themselves as leaders.  Student Council provides children with large and small roles to demonstrate leadership.

I am an avid traveler.  I would love to visit all 7 continents in my lifetime.  I have been to 13 countries so far… and will never forget the discoveries and personal journeys each trip has brought to me.  I am hoping to visit Australia, India and Ireland in the near future.  I am bilingual and would love to learn ASL and French next.

I frequently write grants to  This is an amazing website designed for teachers who are in need of supplies.  You can find my projects at  Parents can search for grants by state, then district, then school to find classrooms at McKinley in need.

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