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Great Kindness Challenge Is Here! January 23 – 27, 2023

The Wellness Committee is bringing the Great Kindness Challenge to McKinley!

For the week of January 23th through the 27th, all McKinley students will be participating in the 12th annual Great Kindness Challenge! In addition to getting lessons and activities in their classroom, PE and Wheel on the importance of kindness in our daily lives, students and their families are encouraged to celebrate kindness, demonstrate compassion, extend their gratitude and put their LOVE into the world!

With input from students, staff and parents, the Wellness Committee (chaired by Ms. Donna Tennies) has organized a few school-wide ways to participate: Spirit Week, writing cards/notes of thanks to teachers and staff, and bringing staff appreciation treats.

Students are encouraged to participate in Spirit Week on the schedule below:

Monday: Kindness the McKinley Way

Wear any McKinley gear – Jog-a-Thon, SONO Fest, Musicals, etc.

Tuesday: Action Day

Find a way to take ACTION at school or in the community

Wednesday: Colors of Kindness

Wear your favorite color, a color for your mood or tie-dye

Thursday: Cozy Up to Kindness

Wear pajamas or other clothes that are cozy

Friday: Favorite Clothing Day

Wear your favorite clothing

A table will be set up before school each day to write Thank You Notes for teachers and staff, which will be displayed for them to see on the Kindness Week display board by the library. A marked drop-off box for the notes will also be available all week by the office. (To print at home and bring to school, a sample template is provided.)

Another way for parents/guardians to get involved and spread kindness is by signing up to bring goodies to the breakroom for teachers and staff to feel our appreciation for all they do for our kids.

For More Ideas

Check out McKinley’s Great Kindness Challenge 2023 page for more great ideas about spreading kindness!

Questions? Contact Ms. Donna Tennies (

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