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Dear McKinley Families,

Welcome to a new school year. Hope your 1st couple of weeks went well. We hope to see you at Back to School Night on September 20th and the PTC Meeting on September 26th. To stay connected and up-to-date on program deadlines and events throughout the year, we encourage you to subscribe or follow our various communication channels:

McKinley School Foundation & Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

McKinley Elementary School

In addition, some McKinley parents have also formed an online forum and a couple of informal social groups that are open to McKinley parents and guardians. If you are interested, please consider joining the following Facebook Groups: McKinley Mom’s Night Out Group and McKinley Papas and Beer. There is also a Facebook group for general discussion on McKinley topics, Families of McKinley Elementary (FAME)  Although the Facebook groups are moderated by some McKinley parents, it’s important to note that they are not sponsored by the school, McKinley Foundation, or Parent Teacher Club (PTC).

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