Last year, we truly tried to tolerate the plethora of spinners that were pervasive on our campus. As a staff, we’ve decided that they are a distraction to learning and we are banning all spinners at McKinley.

The only “fidget tool” exceptions are for students who have an accommodation written into their IEP’s or 504’s.

Our Special Education Team shared current research demonstrates that spinners are not the preferred fidget. Students who require this provision, need objects that they can manipulate in their hands to improve their visual attention and motor output. Spinners serve the opposite purpose as they require the student to attend to the tool and not the academic task. Students who require this accommodation are better supported through the use of a fidget cube (as it allows manipulation with the hands and not the visual distraction a fidget spinner demands.)

Fidget spinners that are brought to school will be confiscated by the teacher and may be picked up by a parent or guardian.

Your support of this policy is most appreciated.

Principal Ganderton