IMG_1569This morning I met with our District Project Manager for an update on our Joint Use Park. Our “grass issue” isn’t resolved which means the City can’t take possession of the park. I’m compelled to share, this isn’t for lack of effort. Ongoing discussions are occurring in an effort to ensure we have a sustainable field for our children and surrounding community.

We’re planning to begin our school year with full use of the track and blacktop, however, we’ll all stay off the grass until further notice.

Principal Ganderton

3 thoughts on “Update on Joint Use Park

    1. During the long and involved joint park process, representations of our surrounding community lobbied to have sod (vs. seed or artificial turf) installed. Our local media has provided ongoing coverage regarding challenges of artificial turf installation which made us especially pleased that sod was approved in our final park plan.

      Although we are confident that grass issues will be resolved in time, we’re encouraging our community to arm ourselves with patience as the process unfolds.

      We will continue to provide updates as circumstances evolve.

    2. Fake grass does have issues – it can be unhealthy for the kids and the environment (made from small particles of petroleum products) and it can get really hot – heatstroke inducing hot. I’m very happy the joint use field will have real grass eventually. Looking forward to the field opening and thanks to our school for continuing to press forward on this.

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