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Future Classroom Changes, a Message from the Principal


Is my child changing classrooms?

Unfortunately, the answer is, “We don’t know yet.” Our enrollment is quite high in some grade levels and low in others. We’ve felt like we’re playing a perpetual game of chess the last two weeks as we plan for a variety of class configurations based on daily enrollment numbers.

As of today, we are very close to getting an additional teacher IF we enroll additional 4th or 5th graders and don’t lose any students. Although we were hopeful we’d be able to reconfigure classrooms by the end of this week, our “on-the-cusp-kid-count” (my technical term) is so close to an additional teacher, that I’ve opted to wait rather than move students more than once.

Our final student count on Friday, September 16th, will determine our next steps.

Regardless of enrollment, I do know we will be reorganizing after September 19th and anticipate we will have one or more combination classrooms.

I realize that change can be disconcerting and want to reassure parents that a great deal of thought goes into this process. We aim to minimize the impact to both students and staff while honoring the established parameters of our employee’s contract.

If your child is selected to move, we will send a letter home with your child as soon as we’ve determined our final classroom counts and established where our combination classrooms will be. The next day, we will escort those students to their new classroom assignment and their new teacher will introduce them to their classmates. The following day, they will line up with their new classroom, and the teachers will begin the day with a “getting to know you” activity.

In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks to those teachers who are teaching regardless of their high class count and to parents who are patiently waiting to see if their child will transition to another classroom.


Principal Ganderton

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