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McKinley Student Art Show @ Bread & Salt | Saturday, June 4th!


McKinley’s 1st Annual CRAVE Art Show

Saturday, June 4th from 3-7 pm at Bread and Salt!

All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend this FREE event!

All preschool through 5th grade students will have their artwork on display at the show! Please join us in celebrating their hard work and creativity. We will have an opportunity drawing, activities and entertainment for the family!

Food and other items will before sale at the event. The amazing folks at Buona Forchetta will have pizza available. All proceeds will go toward the CRAVE 2016-17 Art Program!

Questions? Email Ashley Bruce at:  If you would like to volunteer for this event please sign up here. 


A note from Ms. Ashley Bruce, CRAVE Program Director:

For the past 7 months, all preschool through 5th grade students have been taking part in art lessons being taught in their classrooms once a month, though the CRAVE Art Program. This is a new art program we started this year at McKinley and hope to continue for many years to come. The kids have enjoyed it so much and I have truly been blessed to teach along side many of our parent and grandparent volunteers, along with the support of our teachers and staff this year. CRAVE stands for CReative Arts Volunteer Enrichment, and it truly is a volunteer-run program that enriches the lives of these students, and is only possible with the support of all of these amazing people. 

Many of these art lessons have been tailored specifically to our schools IB program. It enforces the core themes of the IB program along with teaching the fundamentals of art, art history, and so much more. Art isn’t always easy, but it does teach us many great life lessons. These students have had to be risk-takers, problem solvers, open-minded, thinkers, and that’s just the beginning. It has been a joy for me to walk across campus at any given time and have a student come running up to ask me when their next art class is, or when the big art show is so they can tell their parents or grandparents. 

Please join us as we honor the students and their hard work this year. It’s a  busy this time of year, but even if you can make it for 20 minutes it would really make a wonderful difference in their lives. 

A note for the student artists:

Ask your parents, grandparents, family,  friends, and neighbors to come see the beautiful art work you have created this year in CRAVE!
You are all truly amazing and I am so proud of all of you for your hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance. You are all artists and you should all be proud of your accomplishments. It’s time for you to come to YOUR gallery show and be proud of all of the beautiful art you have created!
Now let’s have some more fun!
– Ms. Ashley Bruce, CRAVE Art Program Director
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