Teacher Lounge Makeover Project underway…Volunteers Needed for Aug. 8th

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We need 2-4 more volunteers. Please contact us ASAP if you think you can help. We don’t want to miss this opportunity with Home Depot.

McKinley Parent Teacher Club

Not only has Home Depot donated all the wood flooring needed for the Teacher’s Lounge Makeover – they have also decided to donate the underlayment for the wood flooring, bottom sink cabinets and a new faucet as well as 10 volunteers tTeachers Lounge Headingo help install the wood flooring and cabinets!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!
They are set to do the installation on Saturday, Aug. 8th (exact time TBD).  They have asked us to supply 5 volunteers, as well, to help assist their volunteers. Please contact Jennifer Byard if you can lend a hand.
Thank you for supporting our teachers!!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Chad! Please report to the office at 8:00 am on Saturday. The teachers will be so surprised when they return!

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