Teacher Lounge Makeover Project underway…Volunteers Needed for Aug. 8th

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Not only has Home Depot donated all the wood flooring needed for the Teacher’s Lounge Makeover – they have also decided to donate the underlayment for the wood flooring, bottom sink cabinets and a new faucet as well as 10 volunteers to help install the wood flooring and cabinets!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!
They are set to do the installation on Saturday, Aug. 8th (exact time TBD).  They have asked us to supply 5 volunteers, as well, to help assist their volunteers. Please contact Jennifer Byard if you can lend a hand.
Thank you for supporting our teachers!!!


  1. Wow! This is amazing!! I can be there. I don’t have much experience with any of this so I might be a better help with supplying snacks and water.

  2. Woo Hoo! It’s going to look
    so cool – the teachers are going to be psyched. Thank you Jen (both Byard and Spencer)!!

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