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McKinley will be having a volunteer work day on Saturday, October 25th from 9am till 4pm to help beautify our campus and collect your electronic recycling! The electronic recycling event will be going on in the parking lot and then the planting, painting and clean up events will be all happening all around school.

Click here to view the Electronic Recycling Flyer for more details.

We need your help to make it a success!  A variety of projects are being planned that will require all skill levels.  Activities include:

  • building new raised planters for the school garden
  • assistance with the electronic recycling drive (McKinley makes money on the total amount donated – based on weight, so bring as much as you can!)
  • hauling mulch/topsoil/compost to the new garden areas
  • weeding, weeding and more weeding!
  • planting plants in our native plant garden
  • painting
  • trash pick-up
  • light trimming
  • tool shed construction
  • kids art project – starting at 10 am

Please sign up for  the event at: McKinley Elementary – Green Day!

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If you have these supplies, please bring them to help out – make sure you label them with permanent marker to make sure they get returned:Screenshot 2014-10-10 12.53.01Plastic-Bottles
  • work gloves
  • wheel barrows
  • trowels
  • shovels
  • pruners
  • paint brushes
  • paint (acrylic)
  • empty plastic water bottles

Donate your empty used plastic water bottles for a fabulous art project!

We’ll have a plastic collection bin outside the office till Oct. 25th.
 If you know you can make it please sign up, but also feel free to just stop by the day off as well!  We’d love to see you!

The Beautification Committee Thanks you!

Want to help? Contact: Jen Spencer at