Cooking Class by Alchemy Restaurant

Applications for Spring ’14 were sent home on January 22nd and are due by February 7th.  Please return them to your teacher or in the office.  You can also email applications to Bridgette Tullis.  (Due to the nature of this class, it is currently limited to 4th & 5th grade students.)

image-8Starting in Spring 2012, there was also a special cooking class run by Alchemy Restaurant.  Eleven students started in the Scratch Culinary Education Program by Alchemy Restaurant. Alchemy owners and chef’s Ricardo Heredia and Ron Troyano teach the class that they have coordinated for SDUSD students. The 4th and 5th grade students were selected by the chefs based on persuasive essays each wrote. Thank you to all the students that took the time to compose an essay.

 The 8 one-hour classes help develop an interest in healthy cooking, enhance the “Octopus’s Garden” at the school, and introduce standard restaurant practices, food sciences and sustain-ability.  Past curriculum has included:

  • Using the McKinley garden
  • Research of chocolate and cookie making
  • Knife skills
  • History of Mexican cookery and hand made tortillas
  • Trip to Suzie’s Farm
  • Pizza making

The course culminates with a dinner at Alchemy provided by students for their families.

For more information or to donate to future programs, please contact ASE Chair, Bridgette Tullis.