The Jungle Book – Opening Night is here

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TheJungleBookPosterA full length musical production with a cast & crew of 60 K-5th grade McKinley students on Thursday December 19th and Friday December 20th at 6:00 pm at the McKinley Elementary Auditorium, Redwood & Felton.

Free of charge but donations accepted, refreshments available.

Family entertainment at its finest right here in North Park!

McKinley Elementary Theatre Company is managed by McKinley parent volunteers and supported by McKinley Elementary staff and the McKinley Parent Teacher Club.

Mowgli  – Charlie Newlin
Bagheera – Aeris Tisdale
Baloo – Owen Turner
Shere Khan – Maya Wallace
Kaa Lead – Zachary Hofer
Kaa Middle – Atticus Redman, Connor Bradshaw; Kaa Tail: Francesca Bagby
Village Girl – Kate Brigham
Colonel Hathi – Evan Raffield
Winnifred – Camilla Rogers
Hathi Jr. – Charlotte Ferrier, Grace Jenson
Elephants – Emily Raffield, Boone Barnum, Micah Wolters, Olivia Penick, Lily Wessman, Katie Barrows, Mayzee Penick, Makalah Waters, Liam McRory
Village Girl Choir – Kate Brigham, Avaniece Malave, Evie Hudson, Sydney Nye, Olive VonderKret, Lola Beidler, Maya Wallace
Dancer – Edie Taylor
Jungle Choir – Alexa Arellano, Anaya Guerrero, Anna Talley, Chrisanne LaMotte, Clara Handy, Dreama Childs, Isobel Villanueva, Joaquinn Gaos-Yanez, Jonah DePerro, Julie Rosenak, Patrisha Avila, Juliette Law, Katie Wessman, Melinda Handy,Milena Trevino, Scarlett Galvan, Evie Hudson, Sydney Nye
King Louie – Toby Newlin
Monkeys – Trey Johnson, Claire Boyd, Max Ferrier, Natalie Hudson, Edward Waller, George Carabet, Hannah Sands, Madi Dearden, Olive VonderKret, Alexa Behnke, Austin Koumas, Giovanna Rivera, Lola Hedrick
Vultures – Fiona, Lola and Sunday Beidler, Sophie Garczynski, Emilie Dohner
Wolf Father – Michael McLaughlin; Wolf Mother: Paula Bertisan
Wolf Cubs – Jake Tullis, Jennifer Rivera, Noah Romberg
Wolf Leader – Aidan Keller
Stage Crew – Derrick Jenkins, Emily Law, Isabella Powell, Josh Yee, Keion Wilson, Nathan Schlossberg


Director – Grant Ferrier
Co-Director/Sets – Tori Penick
Co-Director/Stage Manager – Elizabeth Newlin
Choreography – Gina Vonderkret
Assistant Directors – Sarah Hudson, Katie Redman, Cristina Wallace, Erin Nye, Betsey Carabet, Meadow Beidler
Sound/Music/Website – Bridgette Tullis
Sound Engineer – Maurice Ahumada
Musicians – Anneke Yee, Maisy Rogers, Carl Yee, 5th Grade Drummers
Costumes/Props – Cristina Wallace, Beth Waller, Katie Redman, Maureen Johnson, Helle Rosenale, Staci Keller, Sara Sias and Julie Turner
Makeup – Erin Nye, Anna Brigham, Katie Redman, Johanna Bernal, Brenda Guzman, Clara Behnke
Set Crew – Rob Rohrke, Alexander Gaos, Ingrid Yanez, Erika Funseth, Mark & Mine Villanueva, Brad Beidler, Clara Benkhe, Erin Nye and Tori & Jeff Penick
Concessions – Barbara Bovee and the 5th Grade
House Managers – Anneke Yee and Stella Hale and Usher Team
Photographer – Anthony Scoggins

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