Walgreens Donates More Than $3,000 Worth of School Supplies to McKinley

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With sales of back-to-school supplies slowing down, the North Park Walgreens at University and 32nd Street decided to generously donate the remaining school supplies, valued at $3,066, to McKinley.  In all, Walgreens donated 1,922 items, such as:

  • 879 Folders
  • 350 Highlighters
  • 112 Rolls of Tape
  • 88 Rulers
  • 75 Pencil Bags
  • 52 Composition Books
  • 40 Pencil Boxes
  • 40 Pencil Sharpeners
  • 26 Binders

The next time you shop at Walgreens be sure to tell them that you are a McKinley family and thank them for their generous donation to our school!



McKinley Back-to-School Night 2013

Thank you to the North Park Walgreens for donating supplies for our 5th Grade Fund Root Beer Float fundraiser. We raised $345 in donations.

Thank you McKinley families for all supporting the Class of 2014.


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