McKinley Staff Appreciation Potluck This Friday the 21st

We will have a Parent Provided Potluck for our entire rockin’ McKinley Staff.  Please contribute!  Dessert is being provided so we need main courses, salads, and drinks to honor our teachers and classified staff starting at 11:20 in the lounge. For more info, contact Sarah Scalo or Amy Nunamaker Sign up for an item here.

Also, check out the Staff Appreciation “Wish Tree” in the office. Teachers are hanging their “wishes” on the tree so that parents can help provide items for our kids in the classroom. Supplies are being presented this week directly to the teacher or at the Parent Potluck on Friday. Ask your Room Parent how you can contribute to fill your student’s needs.

McKinley Pizza Night at Lefty’s this Thursday, May 20th. Download a flyer here.