McKinley students, parents and staff members donated a total of 906 new and used, Spanish and English books for Benito Juarez/Moises Garza Primary schools in Tijuana, Mexico.  The books were delivered on Friday, February 12. Great job everyone!

This month our students are learning about the family in their Spanish Classes, here’s some of the primary vocabulary they will be using.

Abuelo/abuela – grandfather/grandmother
Hermano/hermana – brother sister
Tío/tía – uncle/aunt
Primo/prima – cousin boy/girl
Padrastro/madrastro – step father/mother
Hermanastro/hermanastra – step brother/sister

Mascotas – pets
Gato – cat
Perro – dog
Pez/peces – fish/more fish
Pájaro – bird

Thanks Mr. Froehbrodt & Ms. Zdunich for coordinating the book drive.