Take a minute to read this letter by Kelly Mahew, mom to Walt in Ms. January’s class. If you’d like to get involved in the March for California’s Future contact the PTC at mckinleyptc@yahoo.com. Click here to see the flyer with dates and more info.

Hi Friends –

I wanted to update you all on some things that we’ve been up to to address the horrendous impact the budget cuts are having on education and the service sector.  As Walt continues on in his public schooling (he started kindergarten this year at McKinley Elementary School in North Park, San Diego) and as Jim and I experience the changes at our school (City College) and to our students’ lives, we feel we can’t sit back without doing something.  So…

Here’s the link to the MARCH FOR CALIFORNIA’S FUTURE website (which is still under construction—so this is REALLY hot off the presses!): http://www.fight4cafuture.com/

For those of you who don’t know, our statewide and local union (California Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers Local 1931 respectively) is behind a giant MARCH on Sacramento that will kick off on MARCH 5 in LA and Bakersfield and wind up in Sacramento for a huge rally at the state capitol on APRIL 21st.  Jim is marching the entire way (400+ miles in 7 weeks).  We want to wake people up to the dire consequences of the budget cuts to education and social services.  Please participate how ever you can!  Pass this along and email or call me if you have any questions or want more information for ways you can join in.

Also, don’t forget to be active on MARCH 4 as well—it’s a statewide day of ACTION!  We’re doing teach-outs and a BIG RALLY in Balboa Park at 3:00 (at the Centro Cultural de la Raza, just north of the intersection of Park Blvd and President’s Way) with a march to the San Diego office of the Governor.  All across California cities are participating.  Let me know if you’d like info on this as well.

Thanks and take care,