October 30th

Volunteers needed: We need Volunteers on Thursday 1:00 pm-5:00pm to help set up the haunted house in room B27. We need Volunteers to help play a character or direct students during the haunted house viewing from 12:30-3:45. Volunteers also needed to help disassemble haunted house from 3:45-4:30.

Items needed: Black visquine (Black roll of Plastic material i.e. Black trash bag material (the longer the better), painter’s tape, big pieces of cardboard (big enough to make a coffin, cover a part of a wall), carnival games, extension cords, a small plastic pool, any Halloween decorations, wigs, scientist coat, hula hoops, beakers, scary props, cup hooks, ladder, batteries (AA, AAA, C, D), strong string, duct tape, black & white spray paint, black & white tempura paint, black & white sheets that can get a little dirty, lamps, black lights, fog machine/fog juice, electronic bubble machine, chalk, scary costumes, spooky owl, black crow, and anything else that would work in a haunted room …Leave all items in the teacher’s lounge. Please label all items that you want returned.

For more info contact: Maggie Pinion – invischef@aol.com or Vicki Harmer – vharmer@sbcglocal.com