Our McKinley Parent Teacher Club chair, Sandy Mattson, has signed up to be one of the first three speakers at the San Diego Unified School Board meeting next Tuesday (4/28) at 5:00 p.m. The topic we plan to address is keeping class sizes low for City Schools. The board is proposing an increase in class sizes for all schools beyond the State mandate. Sandy has some good points about how important it is to keep class sizes at acceptable levels.
We’d like to band together a large group of concerned citizens to stand behind Sandy while she expresses our postition to the board, and hold signs (limited to 8 1/2 x 11) from all of the schools represented. I am sending this to parents at other schools in hopes that you can join us for a half an hour of your time next Tuesday to let the School Board know that class size is not a negotiable option in the budget cuts. PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS. We want to make a strong showing.
I’m also attaching information flyers and petitions to circulate at your school. It would be wonderful if each school could have a representative there and submit signed petitions. This will send a strong message to the school board, but each of us does not have to sign up to speak on this topic if we stand together.
Please join us this Tuesday and make a stand for your child and our public schools. Feel free to email us with any questions: mckinleyptc@yahoo.com.